I have a lot of respect for Ze Frank, and I adored his year-long project, The Show. So many people have said things similar to this, but it’s always a good thing to hear again. In summary: if you want to make stuff, make stuff. It’s the only way you’ll get past the point of making things to the point of having made stuff. Then you get to make more stuff. So go make stuff!

Thoughts on the Creative Career (by zefrankenfriends)

  1. "If you wanna be something start being it"
  2. "Find small little solvable problems to work on"
  3. "You should consume a lot of things that you like"
  4. "You should get your work in front of other people"
  5. "There’s a difference between the craft of the creative work that you do and the craft of making money off of that creative work"
  6. "It’s ok to take breaks or take some time off once in a while, but make it a choice, choose to do that… Don’t do it because you’re scared or lazy…"